O America, Prepare to Meet Your Divine One

O America, Prepare to Meet Your Divine One

Amos 4:1-13, “Listen to this saying, you cows [wives] of Bashan [your State’s name here] living on the hill of Samaria [Amerika], exploiting the weak and ill-treating the poor, saying to your husbands, ‘Bring us something to drink!’ 2Sovereign Yahovah has sworn by his holiness: Look, the days will soon be on you when he will use hooks to drag you away and fish-hooks for the very last of you; 3through the breaches in the wall you will leave, each one straight ahead, and be herded away towards Hermon [FEMA death camps] -declares Yahovah. 4Go to Bethel [Washington D.C.], and sin, to Gilgal [San Francisco], and sin even harder! Bring your sacrifices each morning, your tithes every third day [Oops, cancel the tithe, the Law’s been done away with!!], 5burn your thank-offering of leaven and widely publicize your free-will offerings, for this, children of Israel, is what makes you happy -declares Sovereign Yahweh. 6I even gave you clean teeth [famine] in all your towns and a shortage of food in all your villages and still you would not come back to me [Where’s the repentance Americans?!?] -declares Yahovah. 7I even withheld the rain from you full three months before harvest-time [drought]; I caused rain to fall in one town and caused no rain to fall in another; one field was rained on and the next for want of rain dried up [can you relate Californians?]; 8two towns, three towns went tottering to one town for water to drink but went unsatisfied, and still you would not come back to me [Where’s the repentance Americans?] -declares Yahovah. 9I struck you with blight and mildew [plagues], I dried up your gardens and vineyards [drought]; the locust devoured your fig trees and olive trees [pestilence] and still you would not come back to me [Where’s the repentance Americans?] -declares Yahovah. 10I sent plague on you like Egypt’s plague, I slaughtered your young men with the sword [war upon war] and at the same time your horses were captured; I filled your nostrils with the stench of your camps and still you would not come back to me [Where’s the repentance Americans?] -declares Yahovah. 11I overturned you as Yahovah overturned Sodom and Gomorrah [homosexuality was their final straw that broke them]; you were like a brand snatched from the blaze and still you would not come back to me [Where’s the repentance Americans?] -declares Yahovah. 12So this, Israel [America], is what I plan to do to you. Because I am going to do this to you, Israel [America], prepare to meet your Divine One! 13For look, he it is who forges the mountains, creates the wind, who reveals his mind to humankind, changes the dawn into darkness and strides on the heights of the world: Yahovah, Divine One of Sabaoth [the heavenly host], is his name.”

Americans, the clock continues to tick away. It’s about to strike midnight for America. I plead with you today to repent of all your sin and turn your heart back to Yahovah, our loving Creator. Ask Yeshua Messiah to forgive you and save you today, right now!! Time is shorter and shorter by the second. We are facing eternal judgment from Almighty Yahovah. Forget asking Yahovah to bless America. He cannot, until we repent of ALL of our sins, and our list of sins could fill a book today. Abortion, murder, rape, homosexuality, violence, pride, arrogance, defiance, rebellion, greed, ad nauseam. Until we repent, all we have to look forward to in this nation is Yahovah’s judgment. Americans, prepare to meet your Maker!!

Gene Benjamin II

May 6, 2015 AD

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