Don’t Sweat the Small Comet

Here’s a comment Charles Wheeling received after sending out several articles on the soon coming Comet Elenin:

-Charles Wheeling Says, “Here is an interesting comment regarding the article we posted on our E-News, August 8A, 2011 regarding Comet Elenin.”


Dear Charles,


“As an astronomer relying on my understanding of stellar mechanics and also professional astronomers I can assure you and your subscribers that the affect from the comet, Elenin, will be no greater than (as they say) a mosquito hitting a windshield of the cruise ship in the ocean.


“Just consider: planet Mars, which is 11% of Earth mass, comes as close as 0.38 au to the Earth every 15-17 years.  Planet Venus, which is heavier than Mars (82% of Earth mass) gets even closer — 0.27 au to the Earth every 584 days. . . note, almost as close as dreaded Miskito comet (billions times lighter then Venus or Earth) is anticipated to come.  Moon, at 12% of Earth mass spins around us on ‘frightening’ distance of 0.003 au and all we get are tides and some other core effects.  Simple math — 0.25 (Earth-Comet) au divide 0.003 au (Earth-Moon) equals over 80 times farther.


“Now according to square law, the effect from a body the size of the Moon on such a distance would be 80 in second power less, i.e., 6400 times less. Now multiply that on the difference in mass between Moon and Comet . . . ok, I will give you a generous 1,000,000 times . . . you see the effect from the comet Elenin will be billions times less than the effect of the Moon, Venus, Mars and all rest of the planets put together . . .


“Rest assured, if anything is going to happen this fall it won’t be because of the comet Elenin.



V ”


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