No-Not One!

No—Not One!

(Poet’s idea taken from Luke 18:18-19; John 8:7; 1 Samuel 2:2)



Maybe you don’t gamble

Or light any kind of smokes

Or go to X-rated movies

Or tell any dirty jokes

Maybe you don’t steal or

Never killed a soul

Don’t drink any liquor

Don’t lose your self-control

Or maybe even—you’ve never told a lie

Never once slept with somebody else’s guy

We all would love to live—I guess—a perfect life

Putting away all hatred, all anger, all strife

It’s funny how we all point our fingers at our neighbors

When we criticize them—we say we’re doing them favors

One time some persons called my Yeshua “good”—not meaning to bother

Yeshua interrupted and said no one is good—except for the father

So next time we decide that we’ve been really good

Don’t forget to give the credit to whom we know—we should

Now there are some of us that have grown a lot more than others

But this doesn’t give us permission to put down our brothers

Let’s just thank the Master for all that he has done

Forever praising Him for sending us his Son

Let us pray for ourselves that we grow closer to Messiah

Please if you can try to remember this advice

Our lips can kill a person quicker than any gun

Remember we all are sinners—no—not one

Oh, I love Yeshua—He’s the Holy One

Even though he was without blemish

Still he said—no—not one!

Yes, the Master knows—all the places you have been

So stop your struggling with your sin

Thank Him people again and again for what He’s done

Remember we all bleed—No—NOT ONE!!

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